Thursday, March 5, 2009

GWT Exporter 2.05 released

The release adds two new features:

1) arrays are return types or parameters supported, that is:

@Export public double[] getFoo() { }
@Export public SomeExportable[] getBar() {}
@Export public void setFoo(double[] foo) { }
@Export public void setBar(SomeExportable[] bar) { }

now works, in both Web mode and Hosted Mode.

2) Export Overlays implemented. This means you can now Export classes you don't own.

public interface WindowExport extends ExportOverlay<Window> {
@Export void alert(String s);

will export the GWT Window class into the namespace $wnd.gwt.Window, and export the alert() method of this class.

The JARs are downloadable from:

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