Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gwt Query and Timefire @ Google I/O

If you're attending Google I/O this year (and you should, it's not to late to Register, $50 for Academia!) I'm doing two sessions. The first:
Progressively Enhance Ajax Applications with Google Web Toolkit and GQuery

Google Web Toolkit
Ray Cromwell
Thu 1:15p - 2:15p
Don't throw away your Web 1.0 websites just yet. In this session, you'll learn how to take your existing websites, and layer AJAX on top of them using GQuery, a jQuery style library for GWT. Learn how GQuery benefits performance over existing solutions, increases productivity, and reduces defects by leveraging the GWT tool chain.

The second:
Building Applications With Google APIs

Google Web Toolkit
Ray Cromwell
Thu 3:45p - 4:45p
Google offers a wide variety of APIs in many domains that together form a complete platform, from authentication and authorization, cloud computing, and social networking, to visualization, mobile computing, and Google Web Toolkit. In this talk, we will walk though a complex application that integrates many APIs together, how each can solve a different need in your application, how you can share code between GWT, Android, and App Engine, and how you can monetize your application with Google Checkout.

In the first presentation, I'll detail the revamped and relaunched GWT Query library, a jQuery clone for GWT featuring fast implementation, terse syntax, type safety, and a few other tricks. If you've ever wanted to use GWT, but didn't want to program in a Desktop Widget metaphor, this talk is for you.

The second presentation sounds stale (I couldn't write more exciting copy, honest!) but it is infact, the story of Timefire, a software-as-a-service visualization/analytics platform we are building that leverages a number of Google APIs, from AppEngine, to GWT, to Android, OpenSocial, Checkout, and beyond. If you've got a need, Google has an API for it, and in my opinion, what they have is looking more and more like a complete platform, from client to cloud.

So if this sounds interesting, mark Thursday on your calendars, and come see the amazing things you can do with Google Web Toolkit.