Monday, December 8, 2008

Worst anti-GWT marketing ever

There seems to be an increase in other frameworks attacking GWT, which is probably a indicator that Google is doing something right, but some of these attacks are downright silly, consider

Unlike GWT, Jaxcent is a server-side framework. Instead of being compiled into JavaScript, the Java code directly runs on the server, and communicates with the client via a small JavaScript file.


There may be some concern that a server-side framework may be putting more burden on the server, compared to GWT. However, a GWT-like approach does require the server to maintain, manage and deliver multiple JavaScript files. In real terms, that can be a significant server load. In contrast, Jaxcent has a single small JavaScript file, that will be cached by normal browsers. The actual load on the server is comparable to any server side pre-AJAX framework, such as servlets, JSP, ASP etc.

Leaving aside the fact that it is ridiculous to assert that serving up static GWT Javascript files, which can be deployed to a CDN, typically are less than 150k compressed, and cacheable forever so that they are never fetched more than once, represents a signifcant server load, it is even more ridiculous to minimize the burden of keeping all UI state on the server, and making network around trips every time the user takes an action.

Instead of a Rich Internet Application, you end up with a Dumb Terminal Client, that evokes the days of TN3270 and mainframes.

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Jamie said...

Also, the endpoints are getting cheap much faster than the network is, and the endpoints are multiplying while connectivity is still sketchy (fast here, slow there, nonexistent over there).

Betting on pervasive broadband is inherent in the thin client model, but the reality is mixed connectivity & ever more powerful endpoints.