Thursday, August 28, 2008

Powers of Often: Powers of Ten in Time

Hi all. A little bit of self-pimping today. We're looking at doing a cool presentation at next years 2009 SXSW Conference using our technology. For those who like Chronoscope and want to see even cooler stuff, please follow this link and vote for our panel.

Here's the description:

In 1977, Charles & Ray Eames made a fascinating short film, Powers of Ten, showing the relative scales in the universe: from picnic, to city, to solar system, to galaxy, and so on, back to cells, molecules, and atomic nuclei. In the same spirit, Powers of Often will explore relative scales in time using real data and hard estimates: patterns of daily life, demographics, census data, generations, long term trends, forecasts, historical cycles, high-frequency finance, and solar cycles.


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