Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Google I/O GWT Extreme! Presentation video now online

or, how I managed to render a million datapoints in Javascript in real time without crashing my browser. :)

For those who missed it, you can now catch my GWT Extreme! presentation on YouTube courtesy of Google.

You can also view the slides directly here:

I would highly recommend watching the following presentations first before watching mine:

Surprisingly Rockin Javascript and DOM Programming
Faster Than Possible Code: Deferred Binding
Resource Bundles and Linkers

If you're interested in just seeing the demo of Chronoscope zooming and rendering over 1 million datapoints, skip to about 27 minutes into my video.



glongman said...

player says the video is no longer available

jimmythesaint said...

Congratulations that was a really great presentation and very interesting. The Syndroid stuff is especially clever - building the UI in GWT but accessing the services would make app development very sweet

Ray Cromwell said...

@glongman, this happens sometimes with YouTube, just refresh the page.

@jimmythesaint, thanks, I really appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Nice preso Ray! A ton of useful information, as I would expect :). Long time no see!

Darren Siegel said...

Really impressive... particularly the high performance canvas graphics section. I've been evaluating GWT for use as a replacement for a homegrown SVG/JSF web app. Your demo clearly shows that the GWT can do some impressive things!